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Procedure for Cancellation of I-Tickets

Procedure for Cancellation of I-Tickets
Cancellation of tickets before departure of trains
Cancellation of I-Tickets can be done at any computerised reservation counter across the country and a cancellation ticket obtained. NO CASH REFUND will be given. Service Charge is also not refundable. The refund amount will be credited to the respective credit card account electronically, the following day of cancellation. Refund of fare shall be made after deduction of cancellation charge of the fare as follows:

If a RAC/waitlisted is cancelled then Rs. 20/- (Per Passenger) shall be deducted .

If a confirmed ticket is cancelled more than 24 hrs before the scheduled departure of the train, flat cancellation charges shall be deducted @ Rs.70/- for AC First Class/Executive Class, Rs.60/- for AC 2 Tier/AC 3 Tier/First Class/AC Chair car, Rs.40/- for Sleeper Class and Rs.20/- for Second Class. Cancellation charges are per passenger.

If a confirmed ticket is cancelled within 24 hrs and upto 4 hours before the scheduled departure of the train, cancellation charges shall be 25% of the fare subject to the minimum flat rate mentioned in the above clause.
Cancellation of tickets after departure of trains
I-Tickets can also be cancelled in the above manner,at the boarding station, within 4 hours before the scheduled departure of the train and

Upto 3 hrs after actual departure of train for tickets upto a distance of 200kms

Upto 6 hrs after actual departure of train for tickets upto a distance of 201-500kms.

Upto 12 hrs after actual departure of train for tickets over a distance of 500kms.
In all the above cases, cancellation charges will be 50% of the fare subject to the minimum flat rate mentioned in the above clause.
To cancel tickets after the above period:

Surrender the I-Ticket with the Station Master and obtain a Ticket Deposit Receipt.

Prefer your claim for refund to the following address attaching the originalcopy of the Ticket Deposit Receipt:
General Manager (Operations)
Indian Railway Catering & Tourism Corporation Ltd.,
2nd Floor, STC Building,
1, Tolstoy Marg,
New Delhi - 110 001.

IRCTC will process the refund claim with the Railway Administration and refund granted by the Railway shall be credited to your credit card account

Refund claims under above clause may require at least 60 days or more for processing.
Cancellation of I-tickets in case of trains cancelled:
I-Ticket can be cancelled upto 72 hrs after the scheduled departure of train at any computerised reservation counter.
The above rules of Indian Railways are subject to change without prior notice
Cancellation of Tatkal Tickets
A flat refund of 25% of total fare charged on ticket,excluding Tatkal Charges is granted on cancellation of confirmed Tatkal tickets, which are cancelled up to 24 hrs. before the schedule departure of train. No refund on confirmed Tatkal tickets when cancelled within 24 hrs.of the schedule departure of train. For contingent cancellation & waitlisted Tatkal ticket cancellations,charges will be deducted as per existing Railway rules.


Anonymous said...

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Rashmi said...
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Rashmi said...

Dear Sir/Madam,
> *My TDR is processed wrongly/Incompletely*.
> TDR Rules
> * The TDR Refund will be processed as per Extant Railway Rules.
> * In case passenger not travelled- refund will be granted by the
> Chief Commercial Manager/Refunds as per extant Railway rule
> I had filed my TDR in the morning around on
> 08.08.2011 and sent a mail to IRCTC at the same time as well and my
> journey was to be started at 16.30 PM on 09.08.2011 from Nasik road.
> Still, I have got half of the basic fare credited in my account which
> as per Indian Railways rule
> (a) If a ticket is presented for cancellation more than 24 hours
> before the scheduled departure of the train cancellation charge shall
> be deducted at the flat rate of Rs. 70/- for A.C First
> Class/Executive Class, Rs. 60/- for A.C. 2 Tier sleeper class/ A.C. 3
> Tier sleeper class/ First class/A.C Chair Car, Rs. 40/- for Sleeper
> class and Rs. 20/- for Second class.

Is it Correct?

Lavanya Sethi said...

I booked a rail ticket for me using irctc vide PNR no. 2562870011 (Transaction ID: 0480387060) for journey from DMO-LTT on September 2, 2012 for the journey on September 22, 2012 in Train No. 11072, the only train plying to Mumbai from nearest station from my home town. Unfortunately, I could not travel and i had to file TDR on 16/09/2012. I was informed by irctc that refund will come within 90 days.

After 4 months of follow up, the status of TDR is showing as regretted. Please hold to get the refund.
I filed the complaint in Consumer Court also but. Still not got any response. Please help me to get some solution.

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